Tara Axford


Ballarat Autumn 1st April to 7th April 2020 FULL

About Tara Axford

As a mixed media artist working with monoprints, collage, fabric, thread and photography, Tara draws inspiration from her surrounds – both natural and urban. She seeks patterns, textures, imperfections. The forgotten, the weathered, the discarded appeal to her. Her current practice is to explore her surroundings, a sense of place. She likes to ‘zoom in’ on an environment and work with that. That could mean photographing found objects, ‘foraged’ natural elements and litter – arranging it to be seen in a different way. She enjoys abstracting the essence of a place to create something new. So the viewer can also experience something they may have previously overlooked, with fresh eyes.

“ A sense of place” - how to really see where you are, and use it in your work.

Using found objects, patterns and textures we will explore how they reflect a sense of place and create a connection to our surroundings.
Inspired by our surroundings we will collect, document, edit, print, collage and create. Using mono prints (with a gelli plate, collagraph), and found specimens, we will use mixed media to ‘zoom in’ on our location and work with that. By abstracting the essence of a place we’ll create something inspired by our location. So the viewer can also experience something they may have previously overlooked, with fresh eyes.
The workshop will incorporate the principles of design in artwork, fail safe tricks and techniques to explore composition.

Here's What You'll Learn With


Field Notes

We will discuss the process of editing our source material so as to find a starting point. Participants will create a ‘field notes’ for a sketchbook, artist book, and a series of prints and collage works.

Natural Stencils

You will create a variety of prints whilst learning the basics of working with stencils, both natural and man-made, whilst exploring layering acrylics to achieve unique works.

Natural Stencils

Using mono prints with a gelli plate, collagraph, you will produce perfect textural, and patterned prints. These are beautiful on their own or can be used to create collages, wrapping papers, gift cards, artist books. Endless options!