Lorell Lehman



Ballarat Spring 19th – 25th September 2021

Lorell Lehman

I was raised on faery stories and horror stories….often not a lot of difference between them when you really think about it.
My work has evolved from a childhood that was filled with imaginative play and has been influenced by countless artists and writers who have fuelled my imagination and inspired me to embrace my personal creative vision. In my head, I’m still the nine year old who used to leave small pieces of cake in the garden for any faeries who might be passing through. I also have a particular fondness for monsters.

My work (both 2 & 3 dimensional) is grounded in a love of drawing, traditional media and processes, and story-telling.

I have worked as a figurative sculptor since 1994 and recently returned to University to pursue my lifelong love of illustration, gaining a degree in Visual Communication Design. I am currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Visual Art & Creative Practice, while working on my first picture book and teaching several classes in drawing and illustration Design at the University of South Australia.

Every Face Tells a Story A ‘bust’ sculpture workshop

Every face is unique and every face has a story to tell. Lives are written in the eyes, in the lines, in the turndown (or turn-up) of the mouth. Some faces are filled with joy and openness, others hide secrets and sadness. Learning to sculpt the head and face with expression and character brings so many rewards, and so this course focuses on doing just that. By creating a ‘bust’ sculpture, you will essentially be telling the story of your character. That character might be yourself, or someone you know personally. It might be a creation of your own or perhaps a fictitious character from literature, maybe a historical figure? Every creation will be uniquely yours. You are only limited by your imagination.

Workshop Components:

  1. Concept design on paper. 2. Structure & anatomy of the skull. 3. Support & armature building. 4. Sculpting the head with paper clay. 5. Creating sculpted hair. 6. Creation of sculpted accessories (eg. small objects, animals, horns, headgear, glasses, etc.) 7. Curing & assembling/bonding the pieces. 8. Painting the sculpture. 9. Finishing touches. 10.Celebrate
  2. your achievement!

What you will learn in this workshop

Concept design on paper.

Structure & anatomy of the skull.

Creation of sculpted accessories

(eg. small objects, animals, horns, headgear, glasses, etc.)

Painting the sculpture.

Finishing touches.