Helen Coleman


Ballarat Winter 29th June – 5th July 2022

About Helen Coleman

As a contemporary colourwoman, with an art practice devoted to process and scientific experimentation, Helen delights in unlocking the hidden colours in the natural world around us.

Tapping into a thirty year career in botany and chemistry, Helen explores the artistic potential of local plant, animal and earth materials. By blending ancient and contemporary techniques, these diverse samples are transformed into unique dyes, pigments, inks and paints.

Unlocking the colours of nature

Would you like to create art with the natural materials all around us?  This hands-on workshop will show you how to transform plants and earth into dyes, inks, pigments and paints that can then be used in a wide variety of art mediums and techniques.

Over 5 days Helen will guide you through each process, beginning with gathering natural materials on site and testing them to understand their properties and potential. Students will then use these mediums to create unique artworks that respond to the site and reflect the colours, textures and forms of the local environment.

Techniques include pigment extraction, botanical inkmaking, earth and lake pigment creation and paintmaking including tempera, glair and watercolours.

This workshop will benefit beginners to experienced artists who are keen to incorporate natural pigments in their practice.

Here's What You'll Learn in this Workshop..

Unlock the colours in the plants and earth around you

Explore the properties of natural pigments and how to work with them

Create unique artworks with local natural materials.