Ballarat Winter 28th June - 3rd July 2021

Gordon Bain

Gordon Bain is an artist with a practice that has focused on the biosphere for the last thirty years – he exhibits widely, and has run workshops for both adults and children. He paintings depict waterscapes and birds, using acrylic and graphite on board  – the robust nature of the board allows him to work onto and into the surface, and to layer texture and colour.

More recently there has been an exploration of 3D work, using plywood, found objects and a variety of fabrics.


In this workshop we’ll be referencing the votive figures of the ancient world  – using simple plywood bases, a wide range of fabrics and found objects you’ll construct and embellish a three dimensional votive figure. During the course of the week you’ll develop and hone a unique visual vocabulary.

Whether you favour a minimalist approach or the hyper–decorative, and whatever your skill set, you’ll have the opportunity to utilise found objects with a fresh eye, combine them with painting techniques such as resist work and sgraffito –  to layer, embellish and edit until a clear narrative emerges.

We are all makers and story tellers – I look forward to meeting you and working together.

No experience necessary – everyone welcome

What you will learn in this workshop

Construct a stylized figure – freestanding or wall mounted. Draw intuitively

Layer colour and textures, and combine 2 and 3D elements freely.. Embellish and edit your work

Develop a narrative that resonates for you and your audience.. Use found objects, mementos and recycle material in an innovative way.