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Erika Carter


Ballarat Autumn 1st April to 7th April 2020
Toowoomba Autumn 13th April to 19th April 2020

About Erika Carter

My artistic sensibilities come from a childhood immersed within artistic communities. These formative experiences have produced an artistic freedom that draws inspiration from my surroundings that is evident within my work.
I am a self-taught artist that takes creative risks in the work I do and learn at all times about new opportunities to express myself in.
My art evokes a range of connections to the viewer, as layer by layer is a new discovery. I have immersed myself by practicing techniques of print and various other disciplines and made these uniquely my own. Over the past years my work has been exhibited within Australia, US, New Zealand and England as well as published in various magazines. It’s a privilege to share this art freedom and exploration with others.

Personal Imagery In Art Quilts

People come to quilting for the love of it, take workshops, and then often become caught in the competition for attention (shows, sales, publications, etc.), which often takes the artist further and further from personal authority. This class creates a nurturing environment in which an artist can become unblocked and develop/redevelop a hunger to work.

This workshop explores personal imagery by investigating the richness of a chosen subject and applying this information to the student’s work. After completing some fun, basic creativity exercises that incorporate word association, music, sketching and design with their chosen personal subject, students will develop a composition/project based on their expanded understanding of their subject. In addition, there will be several class exercises. Students should not expect to create finished projects. This is a process workshop versus product workshop. Developing confidence in making intuitive decisions for personal expression will be emphasized. By working in a respectful, supportive atmosphere, students will be encouraged to do innovative, personal work.

Here's What You'll Learn With


Create a nurturing environment in which an artist can become unblocked and develop/redevelop a hunger to work.

Incorporate word association, music, sketching and design with your chosen personal subject

There will be extensive discussions about the complex process of how we think about the items