Deborah Fell


Ballarat Autumn  17th April-23rd April 2022

Deborah Fell

Deborah Fell is a full time studio artist committed to the quilt medium.  She is a professional member of the SAQA and Art Quilt Network.  Deborah’s art focuses on abstract, organic shapes while using surface treatment such as dyeing and painting fabric, photography and reclaimed materials and mark making. Deborah obtained a Master’s degree from Northern Illinois University as well as a fellowship at Northwestern University.  Artist Residencies have included the Mendocino Arts Center in California, and the Vermont Studio Center.  Art exhibit openings in South Africa in 2014, Holland in 2015, and France and Cape Town in 2017, continue to strengthen Deborah’s art visibility at the international level.  Deborah was recognized with the highest honor internationally; Visions Art Museum in San Diego presented her with the Quilts Japan Prize in 2018.

Boro Reboot: A Mindful Practice

Our world moves very fast.  This retreat-like workshop focuses on slowing down and relishing in process rather than product.  Supplies needed are minimal and no machine is necessary. Small compositions will be created with an emphasis on how to use the hand stitch as a major design element.   So grab a bag of fabric scraps and your favorite hand sewing tools, and jump on board.  This is not a technique workshop where you learn how to hand stitch.  The focus is on using the stitch line as mark making on cloth.  The stitch marks are the brush strokes that make the composition complete.  Each day opens with a design presentation.  Students will explore personal mark making preferences, with the power of parallel play in groups.

What you will learn in this workshop

Students will begin by making small compositions.  Guidance is provided on how to translate these small compositions into larger scale compositions

Using different materials as a base, unconventional foundation piecing is explored, along with non-traditional approaches to raw edge applique, as a manageable option of working with small fabric scraps to create a unified image.

Add stitching, embedding, and applique methods which will then allow found objects, beads, and other sources of materials to be included in your designs.