Ballarat Winter 28th June – 3rd July 2021

Cheryl McGannon,

Cheryl is a highly qualified and experienced tutor with many years of teaching both in tertiary institutions, high schools and has tutored workshops throughout Australia. However, what is more important is that she knows her media, believes strongly in professional development at any stage of her career and has a broad art background, she has as a passion for art and she can teach well. Cheryl is known for her generosity in sharing her knowledge with her workshop participants.

 Exploring  Abstraction with Cold Wax Mixed Media Painting and collage

Are you ready to extend your visual vocabulary and expand your painting and collage skills to include the sensual qualities of Cold Wax Media; your work could change in ways you may not have imagined – while taking your distinctive style in painting to the next level.

This workshop will benefit intermediate and advanced artists and beginners who are prepared to embrace exploration.

Participants will expand on their abstract visual language, one that will be unique to themselves.

Are you an experienced painter in any medium or an artist wishing to try something new? Come to this workshop and be seduced by the vast possibilities of cold wax medium.

In this 5 day workshop I will provide a structured and informed approach to Abstract Painting with Cold Wax media. There will be the opportunity to collage into your works if you choose. We will focus on a variety of innovative techniques with oil/cold wax

What you will learn in this workshop

Build your skill set with confidence

Discover a range of possibilities and approaches to cold wax painting

Receive feedback and guidance from a professional practicing artist/educator