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Catherine O'Leary


Ballarat Autumn 6th – 12th April 2021

Catherine O'Leary

Catherine O’Leary is a textile artist with a passion for making innovative, beautiful garments. She has exhibited her bojagi garments in Korea and  the USA. Catherine also participated in exhibitions in the 2012 Bojagi biennale. She has taught extensively in Australia and overseas and has a unique approach to design and construction.

Wearable Bojagi

Bojagi is a traditional Korean technique of piecing fabric together to create a desired object. Different ways of piecing fabric and sculpting garment shapes using a sewing machine will be explored in this workshop. Layering of transparent fabrics, texture and flattering garments will be an important feature of this workshop, with a focus on individual design. The outcome of the workshop will be either a jacket, shirt, dress, coat, or skirt

*the ability to use a sewing machine is essential.