Caroline Bartlett


Ballarat Autumn  17th April-23rd April 2022

About Caroline Bartlett

A textile artist and educator, Caroline has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. A member of the 62 group, her work is represented in private and public collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Whitworth and the Crafts Council.

With a practice centered on ideas around personal and public memory and on a sense of place in the context of museum collections and historic sites, her work employs a range of textile processes Including stitch, print, and fabric manipulation. She has extensive experience teaching adults from beginners through to degree and MA.

An Investigative Journey - Fold, Unfold

Taking the idea of a journey as a framework within which to investigate ideas, explore structure, surface and form through manipulating both paper (as maquette and as a mould) and fabric. You will be introduced to a range of pleating and folding techniques as a means to shape and structure, the use of heat setting with steam and stitching to hold forms, and simple, minimal print and colouration techniques to enhance form. Draw on the behavioral properties of different fabrics and on ideas of concealing and revealing to create interesting relief surfaces and more 3D forms. Explorations might be organic in feel, or more formal through, for example, making and using a 2 part origami mould.

A guided start to this explorative course incorporates some simple exercises and a short sensory walk to get the creative juices flowing, and combines with a more experimental and open- ended approach through sampling and teasing out the more abstract concept of a journey, providing the opportunity to take techniques and ideas in your own direction.  Depending on experience and area of interest, begin to direct your work towards a wearable or interior item, textile art, sculpture or installation. The course is suitable for all levels.

Here's What You'll Learn in this Workshop..

Simple colouration and markmaking processes to enhance form

Pleating and folding techniques as a means to shape and structure

How to make an origami mould and how to heat set fabrics using steam