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There was a time when we all went to different types of workshops and really hung-out to hear what was coming up for the next years’ lot of tutors that Fibre Arts Australia had gleaned from all over the world.

Well, the world changes when the internet came into full force and all of a sudden we were glued to little and large screens to follow the masters in their process of making fibre/textile Art.

And as the world changes again, we adapt.

One thing remains the same: the talent that we have in Australia is outstanding and the community we have built through Fibre Arts Australia’s week-long artists’ events in Victoria and Queensland is something truly special and we can’r wait to share with you some exciting news!

Over the past few months we have been collaborating with Angela and Daniel Truscott (Nonie’s Son and Daughter In Law) on a special project.


Ang has been working at our Ballarat event, often bringing her daughter Summer, for four years and has fallen in love with our community and what has been built over the past 25years.

Ang began asking questions.

How can we ensure no one misses out on the most popular tutors? How can we take students behind the scenes and into the studios of world-leading artists? How can we share the Fibre Arts Australia experience with working parents with young families? How can we make Fibre Arts Australia more accessible for people who are unable to travel? How can we help artists reach more people?

Realising that online education is the answer, a plan was hatched. Develop an on-line set of workshops for those that are not able to attend a live-in, hands-on workshop… let’s call it FIBRE ARTS TAKE TWO!! Brilliant… with the inferences on fibre arts and the ‘take 2’ of the film/documentary worlds.

So over a glass of wine (or two) FIBRE ARTS TAKE TWO was born and we gave our blessing that Fibre Arts Australia could go on-line and give our Fibre Arts family an opportunity to work with the best in the world …. And of all things…do it on-line.

In saying that… of course the Fibre Arts Australia events will still be as strong and as exciting as ever and you will get to meet your on-line artistic friends who are doing the on-line workshop with you when you attend a live in workshop… another win/win!!

All courses are hosted on a simple to use, no “tech skills” necessary easy to access website and include actionable tasks and downloadable resource guides to help you move through the courses with ease and enthusiasm.

Nonie and I are very excited to be part of their team and to share beautifully crafted online courses, short documentaries and behind the scenes footage from the world’s best fibre and mixed media artists.

The first of the on-line courses will be launched very early April so that in the southern hemisphere you can bunker down in the cooler months and work away to your heart’s content and at a time that suits you.

Glenys and Nonie