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New Chapters unfolding for Glenys Mann and Fibre Arts Australia


After 43 wonderful years organising workshops and many Fibre Arts Australia events, September 2021 will be my final event as CEO of Fibre Arts Australia.
I would like to thank each and every one of you who have worked alongside me over a period of many years, my dear friend and business partner Nonie, the Fibre Arts teams, and those of you who have attended any of the events/workshops/exhibitions/masterclasses that I had the privilege to be involved with.
Thank you to everyone who supported my visions of extending the Art Textile/Fibre Art communities, to put this art genre in the fore-front of the fine art world, by your ongoing input, whilst I have been involved in this amazing community.
For supporting the specialised art textile/fibre arts events, the many ‘one off’ exhibitions, the projects that were instigated to involve you the artist, in promoting art textile/fibre arts over many years.
Your support and dedication have inspired and humbled me.
Over a period of many years, my life as an artist has evolved and developed into something that has grown beyond all my dreams and I want to pursue this part of my life with fervour, whilst still promoting and mentoring within the art textile/fibre art communities
I look forward to sharing this exciting new chapter of my life
with you.
I will be documenting what is happening as I continue my creative journey on my Facebook and Instagram pages…
Instagram: glenys.mann
 During the time that I have been involved, there have been many charities/funds that the Fibre Arts Australia community have supported….
Cancer Council of Australia
The ongoing Fibre Arts Australia Scholarship Fund
And the most recent, which is the dearest to my heart…
The India Project.
My gratitude to you all for supporting so generously, to each one of these charities/funds.
You have made a difference too many.

A new chapter for Fibre Arts Australia

Fibre Arts Australia will continue to run in the same excellent manner that it has been doing for many years, under the guidance of my friend, fellow artist and business partner, Nonie Sutcliffe. The best tutors in the world will be sourced by Nonie as she gathers those that are at an exceptional level to share their knowledge with you.
There will be some exciting changes to make your experience at a Fibre Arts event one that will live long in your memory.
But the most important thing that will not change is the on-going commitment that Fibre Arts Australia gives to the India Project.
Nonie and her team look forward to welcoming you at your next chosen event!
It is an exciting time within the history of Fibre Arts Australia and only the best will be attained at every event
You can reach Nonie at Insta and Facebook plus by email
This is not goodbye, just turning the page to another chapter..
Glenys Mann