Introducing Tara Axford

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What does it mean to be an artist? 

Being an artist to me, means permission to explore and play. It means being curious and investigating something in a considered way. It means living creatively. When I walk through nature exploring I feel excited about what I might discover, what I might find and ‘capture’.

What inspires you to create? 

I can’t not create, sure nature is my inspiration, the thing I draw on as reference rather than making social commentary. But I am driven rather than inspired, to keep creating. The journey of making something that didn’t exist before that references a place I’ve been inspires me to create. I spent time thinking about what my art was about, what it reflected, what I was trying to say, but then I realised the biggest influence was me trying to make sense of a place, where I was.

What were some of your frustrations when starting out? 

One of the frustrations when starting out can be where to actually start. When I tried painting plein air that didn’t really suit me, staying in one place. It’s my natural tendency to want to pace about, to keep moving. So changing my approach to how I got started helped me work through the frustration.

To be an artist you have to make the work. One of the blocks to making the work can be “I don’t know what my thing is and where to start.” Now that photography is accessible to everyone, we have a fantastic tool to help us see, a lens with which to change our viewpoint, it’s never been easier to recrop, reassess, and I like to share those aspects in my workshops. 

You’ve created an online course with Fibre Arts Take Two!

What are you looking forward to most about sharing your knowledge online?

I’m excited to be able to reach more people who are inspired to create. I’m looking forward to having students with me on my walks and telling them about what I saw and found and how I’m going to use that in my work. Giving them ideas on how they can set off too.

“This course will help you to reference how you can look at a place, how to see something familiar – with fresh eyes.”

What is this course about? 

With 9 modules over 4hrs of footage, I cover:

  •  Photography
  •  Collage
  •  Gelli Printing
  •  Watercolour and Ink Techniques
  •  Creating Products and Art Books

Guiding you step by step on a creative journey.

Image by Tara Axford - Mixed Media Artist

Each module contains several short video lessons that build on each other plus actionable assignments and downloadable resources. 

Students are fully supported by the Fibre Arts Take Two team and are invited to join a private online community where you can share your progress. From time to time I will pop into the group to connect, view your work and get a sense of your place.  

What was it like working with the team at Fibre Arts Take Two? 

Working with Fibre Arts Take Two, was a wonderful experience. I had been asked ‘when are you going to have an online course?’ Over and over again. Fibre Arts Take Two literally made it happen! 

I had researched how to set up an online classroom, I had filmed my bits and pieces in an attempt to go online, BUT all my good intentions never quite went anywhere, so many stumbling blocks, which took me away from being creative and doing my artwork.

 Fibre Arts Take Two breezed into my studio and effortlessly created quality footage.They really understood the creative process, but also how to make it accessible and look fantastic.

The behind the scenes organisation and professionalism made me feel like I was in very capable hands, but more importantly they understood what was needed. Throughout the process the communication and timelines were clear, so I always had an understanding of where the process was up to. They seemed to know what my vision was all along, and have edited it all together to create something incredibly unique.

There has never been a better time to bring our own creative corners of the world to a broader community of keen creatives. I have wanted to share my story, process and how I am inspired by nature with students all over  the world and now, thanks to Fibre Arts Take Two, I actually can!